Skills Summary

Geomatics and Spatial Analysis

GIS Systems

I have over 4 years of professional work using MapInfo and ArcMap. I maintained field note and sample databases which required regular updating as new data was collected. I produced and updated annual maps showing the results of field works. I created 3D drill hole databases and plotted cross sections. In addition I have recently completed an Advanced GIS Diploma at COGS where I extensively used ArcMap 10.2, Mapinfo, Erdas Imagine and Trimble Pathfinder. In depth class work with each of these programs has given me ample opportunity to learn them and become an efficient user.

Design and Perform Spatial Analysis

My coursework at COGS has allowed me to design and perform spatial analysis to solve problems. A good analysis starts with stating research questions, defining variables and weighing importance. I have collected data for analysis from a variety of sources including ESRI Business Analyst, Canadian Census data, municipal data bases and the World Bank. I have completed many different types of analysis including cluster analysis, hot spot analysis, network analysis and location-allocation. I have a strong foundation in statistical methods used in models and ensuring that suitable variables are used in an analysis.

Business Analysis

At COGS I selected the GIS for Business program as my second term major. This allowed me to solve problems applicable to business such as trade area analysis, demand forecasting, network analysis (consumer drive time), cluster analysis and geostatistics. Project work included site selection for retail outlets, location analysis for new location and network analysis for location-allocation problems.


I have a strong foundation in programming and computer sciences gained from coursework in my undergraduate degree. At COGS I completed a course on python programming and also used python within ArcMap to create custom analysis tools. For my MSc thesis I wrote custom R code to computer statistics and create graphs. I am familiar with writing custom Visual Basic scripts for Excel to automate analysis and plotting. I also completed Database Fundamentals at COGS which gave me a strong foundation in relational databases including creating, structure, backup, joins and spatial databases.


I have experience with a variety of modelling techniques. At Stillwater I worked with the software package Vulcan to create 3D database and model ore reserves. At COGS in business analysis courses we modeled consumer demand to identify new target markets. For my MSc research thesis I used the results of geochemical assays on a sample database to model the processes which formed the rocks.

Communication, Research, Training


Since I began my University career communication has been an important part of every course I have taken. I have produced a variety research reports for classes and thesis projects. At Stillwater Canada Inc. I was responsible for producing weekly activity reports and also contributed on technical and engineering reports for our project work. I am familiar giving presentations updating the board of directors on projects or presenting to a room of scientists at an academic conference. I am a quick thinker and not afraid to speak up with ideas in a large group.


Through my MSc research project I have firsthand experience planning, executing and analysing a research project. Careful thought and planning are required to maximize budget spending and return useful results. In my role as a geologist we were constantly updating our understanding of the deposit model and examining techniques to improve efficiency. At COGS I also completed an in-depth geospatial analysis/network analysis research project with RBC as part of my degree requirements.

Coordination / Liaise / Collaborate

During my Masters research project I liaised with academic advisors and the project sponsor company. This included weekly research updates and progress meetings as well as presentations to stakeholders. Through these meetings and discussions the project evolved over time to respond to data results and stakeholder requirements. All of this was done while adhering to strict time tables and deadlines. In my role at Stillwater I worked with project management and the engineering team to analyse data and produce maps as needed. I also coordinated field staff and sub-contractors for various field data collection projects.

Create and maintain documentation

At Stillwater I wrote standard operating procedures used to train new staff in field procedures as well as data collection standards. These documents also included guides on how to input data into our data collection system and integrate it with the complete dataset. I maintained and updated these documents on an internal wiki site to ensure that all staff had access.


At the University of Waterloo I was the teacher’s assistant for a petrology lab. This allowed me to take part in lesson planning, instructing and providing one on one tutoring with students and returning feedback on assignments. At Stillwater I provided technical training for field assistants in field mapping techniques, sample collection and data entry. This included proper use of GPS in the field, geologic units, data entry and MapInfo for map creation.

Environmental Sciences and Fieldwork

Environmental Science

I have a strong background in environmental sciences gained through my University degree and work experience. I have taken courses in a wide range of environmental subjects including environmental geology, hydrology, geophysics and surficial geology. In addition I have several years of work experience in the environmental field as an environmental technician and an exploration geologist.

Field Data Collection

I have been working in the field since I started my University career and am very experience in field data collection. I am no stranger to working in remote locations and collecting sample or creating detailed sketches of geology. I know the importance of planning any field data collection work to ensure the sampling program meets the requirements and has the accuracy needed to be validated statistically. Even in the pouring rain in remote Labrador I still take the time to describe all my samples carefully so that they can hold up to rigorous QA-QC standards. I also have experience using a Trimble Nomad to collect accurate and detailed data in field sites. I have also used Trimble Pathfinder extensively to perform data corrections and datasets used in ArcMap or MapInfo.


Safety has always been a top priority with me and working at Stillwater Canada Inc., for four years has engrained me into the safety culture. I have participated in and run occupational health and committee meetings for several years. I have current First Aid and CPR training from the Red Cross. I also have been certified for the SIRIUS Advanced Wilderness First Aid (40 hour) twice. This course is for outdoor professionals and emphasizes group leadership, accident scene management and prevention. I am familiar with remote field work and precautions required to ensure a safe work environment for me and my crew.


I have my Ontario G class driver’s license and over 10 years of driving experience. I have experience driving across North America. I am also experienced driving a pick-up truck to remote field location on logging access roads. I have training for both ATV and side-by-sides and several years of experience driving them to work sites in northern Ontario.