Using Shiny to build a World Map Web App

This is a post about another Shiny web app I am working on. It is taking data from the Natural Earth data set and using the Shinyapp library to create a dynamic map. The purpose of this project is to further my experience creating customized online maps. By using Shiny to make an online map I plan to create focused purpose driven spatial analytical web apps. 

So far the app is fairly basic. On my end I turn the shapefiles into spatial data frames and then turn them into data frames so that they can be used with ggplot2. The interface so far allows the user to select a few different layers to display and it can symbolize the world population as a choropleth.

The next few goals I am working on include improved symbology for the different layers and an option to select a region and have the map zoom in. Eventually once the map is zooming in I will try to add in more detailed shapefiles to show more details. After I have the basic frame work put together I can then use this code as a base for new maps.

 Check out the app here:

A screen cap of my world map web app, work in progress.

A screen cap of my world map web app, work in progress.