Stillwater Canada Inc. – Exploration Geologist

I spent over 5 years working with Stillwater Canada Inc as an Exploration Geologist. I started working for them when I began my Masters Thesis at the University of Waterloo. After completing my research project I was offered a job to continue working with Stillwater full time. I was very excited for this opportunity as it allowed me to continue advancing my research and work in a location I was very fond of.

My role with Stillwater was varied. In the summer time I worked on field mapping, sample collection, drill programs, trench mapping, map production, database updating and more. Since all geological information has a spatial component I was able to work extensively with MapInfo to produce tables containing all of our work. I also created databases to model our deposit using 2D cross sections and in 3D. After the field season ended we would dig into our newly updated data sets and evaluate all of our discoveries in detail. This involved writing summary reports, updating databases, presenting our findings to the board of directors and coordinating with the engineering department as they developed mine plans.