Ontario Geological Survey – Hewitt Lake Far North Mapping Project

My first field season in the bush was a memorable one. I was lucky enough to get a job with the Ontario Geological Survey as part of the Far North Mapping Initiative. The goal of this project was to push geoscience forward in the north. As it was part of the far north program this was a remote field job. We lived in a tent camp on Hewitt Lake, north of Red Lake in northern Ontario. As a junior field assistant it was my job to help out however I could. My main job was assisting senior team members conduct mapping traverses. We got to work in a variety of ways including zodiac, canoe, hiking and helicopters.On my off days off you could find me cutting lumber, repairing the dock, grilling up an amazing dinner for the crew in the field or digging a new latrine.

It was a great summer and I learned many valuable skills for field work and getting by in a remote location (several decks of cards are key!). The crew was an amazing bunch and I still think back fondly to those days.