MSc – Characterization of High-PGE low Sulphur mineralization at the Marathon PGE-Cu Deposit, Ontario

I completed a Masters degree in geology at the University of Waterloo. This program involved both course work and a thesis research deposit. My research topic was focused on a unique zone of mineralization at the Marathon PGM-Cu deposit located on the north shore of Lake Superior in Ontario. The research was done in conjunction with Stillwater Canada Inc., the Canadian division of the successful Stillwater Mining Inc. out of Billings, Montana. The mineralization zone I studied was coined the ‘W-Horizon’ and it was a lens containing high grades of platinum and palladium mineralization. For my research project I collected detailed drill core samples (over 200 samples) which intersected W-Horizon which I analyzed for lithogeochemistry. I created a data base of detailed chemistry, physical rock descriptions and thin section descriptions. I combined this data set with the Stillwater data set and analyzed the 3D spatial distribution of the W-Horizon. My research involved developing a mathematical model of the W-Horizon to help explain its origin and that could be used to target future exploration work. Here is a link to a digital copy of my thesis, ‘Characterization of High-PGE Low-Sulphur Mineralization at the Marathon PGE-Cu Deposit, Ontario’.

This research position was very interesting and challenging. My research work was guided by Dr. Robert Linnen (University of Western Ontario), Dr. Dave Good (Stillwater VP Exploration during the project) and Dr. Iain Samson (University of Windsor). This excellent team allowed me to present ample times and to integrate ideas from the group into the research project. During the course of this project I presented research at several conferences and meetings. I also regularly attended and presented at the ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ an informal geological research consortium at the University of Waterloo.