Mapping Mississauga’s Land Use by Ward


Mississauga is a booming metropolis located on the Northern Shore of Lake Ontario. It has a population of over 757,000 people and is home to over 59,000 businesses. Mississauga is a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the financial heart of Canada and the third largest financial centre in North America with over 6 million residents.

For this analysis I used open data available from the Mississauga Data website ( The open data contains a land use polygon file in the form of a kml. Using Esri ArcMap the kml was converted to a shapefile. The area calculator tool was then used to calculate the area of each polygon. The results were grouped into categories and aggregated based on wards. The results are several maps and tables breaking down the city of Mississauga by ward and top land use.

The predominant three land uses in Mississauga are transportation, detached residential housing and industrial. Mississauga is a very well balanced city with high amount of residential land throughout. The north-east corner (Home of Lester B. Pearson Airport, the largest in Canada) contains some of the largest concentrations of industry. The north-west boundary towards also contains a high proportion of industrial and institutional land. The southern half of Mississauga towards Lake Ontario has the highest amount of green space.

Here is a link to the pdf.